• Routes and price promotions

    Route campaigns

    Promote routes and price promotions and make potential customers aware of your offer.

How do route campaigns work?

Create an active campaign under the menu "Administration | Route Campaigns" based on a mode of transport and a route (country and/or airport).
(e.g. air freight export from Germany to USA).

If you have created a campaign/ad for your company, your digital business card will automatically be marked and listed as TOP ranking for corresponding customer inquiries. This makes potential customers aware of your offer/service and you receive more inquiries.

The reach (= visibility) is based on the digital reach of your account.

Who can create route campaigns?

How or where is a route campaign displayed to customers?

Which customers see our route campaigns?

How many route campaigns can we create?

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    Direct customer approach

    Customer demand is automatically linked to your offer. Perfect matching between customer demand and your offer.

  • dashboard
    Efficient marketing

    Smart business advertising through clever algorithms.

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    Quick and easy

    Get more reach with just a few clicks. It couldn't be simpler or more efficient.

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    More customer contacts

    Attract attention and win new customers.

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