Manage transport orders centrally

Seamless recording and testing

Are you a global forwarding agent or shipper? You are wondering how you can record your freight transactions at different locations clearly and check them seamlessly?

With the extension of our communication tool spotcargohub this is possible.

We have developed a hub that is free of charge at the outset, with which you can centrally manage all shipping transactions. You can individually authorize individual persons to trace all shipment data of your connected locations and branches. This makes it possible to track exactly who sent what when and what costs were incurred. This is another clear advantage as corporate compliance guidelines become more and more complex. As a forwarding agent, you benefit from the evaluation of your orders using comprehensive analysis tools.

spotcargohub gives you more security, less administrative effort and more transparency.

The central administration of your transport orders starts now!

Learn more about the possibilities of spotcargohub.

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