Digitalisation as an opportunity for companies

Perspective view

50% of German companies rank the digitization of their business models and processes among the top 3 topics. This is due to the fact that there are already risks for companies that can occur if they fail to digitise - these include primarily disruptive effects, i.e. the extinction of a certain business model, of products, services or technologies through the subsitution of these by new digital business models, products, services or technologies.

Nevertheless, there are many obstacles in the way of German companies in this context:

  • Only 33% of German companies have digitization as a management task.
  • Only 35% of German companies consider themselves to be very well or well prepared for digital change.
  • Only 6% of German companies expect their digital activities to pay off in the near future.
  • 63% of German companies do not succeed in aligning their offerings with their customers.
    • They don't know what the customer needs.
    • They do not use the right methods to place the user at the centre of their service development.
  • 50% of German companies see internal resistance as an obstacle.
    • They work too slow.
    • You work too inflexibly.
    • You're too caught up in old ways of thinking.
  • German companies try to manufacture perfect products in the traditional engineering manner.
  • 20% of German companies fear that they will have to cut jobs in the course of digital transformation.


However, as the majority of German companies have recognised the need for digitisation, the question arises as to why German companies have not made any further progress in this process.

The main reason for this is the familiar working methods of German companies. In contrast to the USA, for example, where ideas are tried out and discarded more quickly, it takes a very long time in Germany until companies invest in new business models or technologies. The desire to invest is replaced by an urge for perfection.

In addition, we find that the majority of medium-sized companies in particular are involved in cross-company processes or value chains and that digitization can also have an impact on the process of the entire value chain.

  • Create time and personnel resources
  • Training and development of employees
  • Creation of structures
  • Create opportunities for implementation
  • Development of own digital units
  • Digitisation of the core organisation
  • Cross-company digitization (process/value chain)

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