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As a shipper, how can I network with our forwarding partners?

As a shipper, you can create your own fixed forwarding favorite group for your company. You can use your hub to search for forwarding partners in the forwarding directory and then connect them to your hub. The connections are defined by the assignment of modes of transport.

You can use this system to connect your forwarding partners via your hub.

Are there any additional costs in addition to the monthly usage fees?

No, there are no additional costs. By selecting different modules, you can adapt the scope of transactions and functions to your needs at any time.

Are all transactions between shippers and freight forwarders (quoted prices, orders placed, etc.) public?

No. In contrast to traditional freight exchanges, the exchange of enquiries and offers is always strictly confidential. No information is passed on to uninvolved third parties.

How can I contact customers as a forwarding agent?

With the help of smart algorithms, your hub can use the digital sales function and the data from your transport profile to connect you with suitable transport requests from customers. In addition, you can "apply" for transport requests from customers via the CargoBoard.

Are there options for connecting to our internal IT systems?

Starting this summer, there will be an API interface that you can use to export/import data to and from your hub. If you are interested, please contact us!

In which languages is spotcargohub available?

Currently spotcargohub is available in German, English, Spanish and Dutch. But we regularly add more languages.