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  • Account settings

    In your account or company settings, you will find all address and contact data that we have created according to your registration.
    Among other things, you will also find the geographical range (digital range) of your account. In the submenu "Country and weight preferences" you can define further settings for truck requests.
    You can find more info in the FAQ.

  • Open inquiries and archive

    The quick links "Open inquiries" on the DASHBOARD take you directly to an overview of all new or unprocessed customer inquiries.
    In the "Archive" you will find all transactions including information about the current status of the inquiry. Here you can also change all offers or submit alternative offers.
    You can find more info in the FAQ.

  • Find new customers

    Under the menu item "CargoBox" you will find transport requests published by customers.
    By clicking on "Request approval" you can request to view the details in order to submit an offer and get customer details.
    This feature allows you to get direct contact with potential new customers.
    You can find more info in the FAQ.

  • Statistical evaluation

    More clarity through reliable data.
    In our automatically generated statistics (from BusinessPlus module), you receive a detailed evaluation of all transactions made. You will receive the following information:

    • Success rate by mode of transport
    • Detailed information on won/lost sales/tonnages, etc.
    • Average percentage negative deviations
    • Performance analysis of the traffic areas

    You can find more info in the FAQ.

  • Follow-up and FeedbackPlus

    You will automatically receive information (follow-up) by e-mail as soon as the customer has changed the status of a transport request to which you have offered.
    This information is directly visible in your archive. If you have been unsuccessful with an offer, you will be shown the percentage deviation window as FeedbackPlus.
    You can find more info in the FAQ.

  • Networking for more success

    Customers can firmly network with reliable forwarding partners, i.e. a customer connection can be created.
    Existing customer connections can be viewed and managed in your account under "Customer connections".
    If you have an existing customer connection, you will automatically receive every transport request and thus have a reliable business relationship.
    You can find more info in the FAQ.

Tips and notes

Here's what you should keep in mind to be efficient and successful with your account:

  • Only set up users on your account who are also active at your location.
  • Assign each user at least one responsibility for one mode of transportation.
  • If you receive inquiries that are not interesting for you, please use the "Reject offer“ function. In this way, the customer will receive appropriate feedback.
  • Regularly make sure that the user structure is up to date.
  • Edit/answer every customer inquiry, so you keep your activity index high and are more likely to be contacted by potential new customers.

If you have any further questions, please check our FAQ or contact our support team by email at

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